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Tips on how to stop your shoes from hurting the back of your heel:

Are you tired of your shoes hurting the back of your heels, giving you blisters, and causing you discomfort? This is a common phenomenon, especially with new shoes. This pain can prevent you from doing what you need to get done for the day.

To help you find comfort in all of your footwear, we’ve gathered a few tips you can use to stop your shoes from hurting the back of your ankles.

1. Get a proper fit with insoles

Shoes rub your heels and ankles because of the friction created between the lining of shoes and the skin on the Achilles and ankle. Insoles will slightly lift your foot, therefore, decreasing the surface area in contact with the back of your heel. They also provide a tighter fit which will reduce movement between your skin and your shoe and will stop blisters from forming, they are also very comfortable and give your feet greater support.

2. Double socks

Wearing double socks will protect your heels from shoe abrasion. By wearing normal socks over a thinner pair of socks you can reduce the amount of friction that occurs directly onto the skin of your heels. Blisters are caused when your socks do not create enough cushioning between your feet and the shoes.

3. Use moleskin

Moleskin is very soft and durable, it is an adhesive piece of cotton fabric that will help prevent friction between your skin and the shoe while you walk and will make your shoes fit more comfortably. Cut a piece of moleskin (measure the correct size needed) and stick it to the shoe directly or on your skin.

4. Visit the cobbler

Sometimes having an expert work with your shoes is the best idea, especially if you feel as if you have tried every method and nothing seems to be working for you. If your shoes are too small a cobbler will stretch them out for you, this will reduce friction on the ankle. This method works best for leather shoes. A cobbler will also look at the height of the heel as not all shoes were designed to carry your entire weight. 

5. Use heat

Heat can soften the back of your shoes making them more comfortable, this method works best with leather, suede, or cloth materials. Put a pair of socks on and then put your shoes on, place the hairdryer on medium heat and hold it near the back of your shoes until they become slightly malleable. The more you move around, the more the material will mold to the shape of your heel. Be careful not to hold the dryer too close to your shoes for too long as you might burn or ruin your shoes.

6. Apply Baby Powder to Your Feet

If your feet naturally sweat a lot, the moisture might increase the chances of your shoes rubbing against your heels and causing you a lot of discomfort. Using baby powder will absorb and reduce moisture, therefore, preventing blisters and keeping your feet dry and refreshed.

7. Heel pads

These pads will protect your ankles by cushioning your feet while you wear your shoes. Heel pads fit snuggly inside your shoes and can be placed at the back of your heel or anywhere you feel discomfort, they reduce friction and are a good idea if your shoes are a bit loose for you.

Final thoughts:

Shoes rubbing against your ankles can cause blisters, discomfort, pain, and much more. Wearing your favorite shoes shouldn’t be an uncomfortable situation, it shouldn’t prevent you from doing your daily tasks or enjoying your time at events. It is important that you make sure that your shoes are comfortable and offer your feet support to prevent health issues in the future.



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