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how to shrink shoes

The excitement of finding the perfect shoes is unmatched. But what happens if they’re too big? Or they don’t have your shoe size? If you’re curious about how to shrink shoes, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some easy, DIY ways to make your shoes smaller. 

Sometimes shoes aren’t the perfect size. They can run small or run large. But in our opinion, we’d rather have shoes that are too big than too small. At least you have a little wiggle room with a larger pair. So, knowing how to make them slightly smaller can be really useful. 

So, can you shrink shoes? Luckily, it is possible. Whether it's canvas shoes, heels, or sneakers, these tips will ensure your shoes fit your feet perfectly.

Tips on How to Shrink your Shoes

If you’ve got feet that are an awkward in-the-middle size, or the shoes you’ve bought are just a little too big for you, this guide is for you. With these tips, you can get your new shoes to the perfect size for your feet.

How to Shrink Sneakers

The easiest way to shrink a pair of shoes is to use a pair of shoe cushions or even insoles. They won’t adjust the size of the shoe itself, but they will make them fit your feet perfectly. You can also choose where you want to put the shoe cushion.

You can get shoe cushions and insoles in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to add a cushion to the front of the foot or on the heel, you should be able to find the perfect insert.

If you’re wondering how to shrink heels, this method also works on heels and pumps. You can even use it on canvas shoes. Unfortunately, it's not the best technique for sandals unless you can find a small enough shoe cushion.

Another way to get a tighter fit on your sneakers is by wearing a thick pair of socks. 

how to shrink sneakers

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How to Shrink Canvas Shoes

If you’ve got a pair of canvas shoes that you need to shrink, the best way forward is the dryer method. You’ll need to soak them in water, then put them in the tumble dryer for around 10 to 15 minutes. The heat will help shrink your shoes down.

If you don’t have a dryer or you’d prefer to use natural heat, you can always leave your shoes in direct sunlight to dry. But make sure not to leave them in the sun for too long, as this can cause colour fading. 

how to shrink canvas shoes

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How to Shrink Leather Shoes

If you’ve got a pair of leather shoes that are too big, you can use a hair dryer to shrink them down a size.

Before shrinking your shoes, make sure you figure out which parts of your shoes need to be made smaller. When using this method, you can target specific areas to shrink.

When you’re ready, grab a spray bottle filled with water and wet your shoes. You’ll want to make sure they’re wet but not soaked.

Then set your dryer to medium heat and dry your shoes. Then slip them on, and if they’re still a little too big, you can wet and dry them again. 

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how to shrink leather shoes

This hairdryer method also works with suede and canvas shoes.

Final Thoughts on How to Make a Shoe Smaller

If possible, when buying shoes you should try to get the correct size. But when that’s not possible, making the shoes smaller is an option.

When it comes to shrinking shoes, these different methods are easy things you can do yourself at home. Which methods have you tried? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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