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How to layer without looking bulky this winter

Navigating the winter season can be tricky when it comes to style - you want to stay warm without looking bulky. Layering offers a great solution, allowing you to increase warmth without sacrificing your look. In this article, we'll give you some useful tips for layering in a way that will keep you warm and looking great this winter.

Tips for layering your winter clothes:

There are 3 layers to achieving a non-bulky look -

The base layer

It's important to wear the right base layer for warmth and comfort. Women should reach for a thin camisole or tank top made from lightweight fabrics like cotton or polypropylene, while men should opt for a long-sleeved undershirt in these materials. Alternatively, fabrics such as bamboo, merino wool, and synthetic fabrics can also provide optimal breathability, warmth and protection against moisture.

The middle layer

Adding some extra insulation to your look is easy with the right middle layer. The key is to opt for something that won't make you look bulky. Merino wool is one of the most popular options, being light and insulating while still keeping you comfortable.

The outer layer

Finding an appropriate outer layer that is capable of withstanding both the cold and wet of winter can be a challenge. A leather coat or denim jacket offers excellent warmth and protection, while also giving you a great silhouette. An overcoat is another option that injects style into your winter wardrobe while keeping you warm.

Wear clothes that fit you silhouette

it's important to get the fit right. Select garments that fit closely enough to maintain the shape of your body and enhance your silhouette, while still keeping some room for movement and flexibility.

Mix & match colors

When planning your winter outfit, remember to mix up the colors. Sticking to one color can make you appear bulkier, while adding complementary hues can give your look a classic yet stylish dimension.


Choose a scarf or beanie to top off your layered look — not only do they add color and texture, but they will help keep you warm.


For the winter months, layering offers an excellent way to look fashion-forward while still staying warm. Key considerations include fabric material, color selection, and silhouette; light fabrics, neutral colors and careful accessorizing with a scarf and/or hat are all important elements of achieving stylish winter layers without feeling bulky. With some thoughtful coordination of pieces you can successfully keep warm this winter without compromising on style.

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