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How to de-clutter your wardrobe for the new season:

If you're seeking ways to streamline your wardrobe and clear out the clutter that's been occupying your closet, the beginning of a new season is an ideal time to do so. This guide will assist you in decluttering your wardrobe by taking you through the process step by step.

Set aside some time, and get some boxes:

Decluttering your closet will require some time, depending on its size. We recommend that you set aside an entire evening or half-day during the weekend for this task. Have several boxes ready for all items that need to be discarded and/or stored away elsewhere. Label the storage containers clearly; clear containers work best, but labels with a marker will suffice as well to easily identify what is inside each box.

Take everything out:

Remove all of your items and place them into a pile. If the task of emptying everything at once appears daunting, then you may opt to do one section at a time, however this means that the process will take a bit longer.

Sort everything into 3 piles.


When sorting through your wardrobe, separate your items into three piles - keep, toss, or maybe. The "maybe" pile should only be utilized if you're truly having a difficult time deciding what to do with the item in question. Utilize the one year rule; if you haven't worn it in over a year, it's wise to donate it.

Clean, then put the keep pile back, organized

Return the items in the keep pile to the closet (unless they are supposed to go elsewhere). Take care to organize them properly, with adequate spacing between each item. Taking a few minutes now can save time later!

Store folded sweaters on shelves


Organize your sweaters by folding them neatly and adding them to shelves in your closet.This method is preferred to hangers to help maintain the shape of the sweaters and make it easier for you to browse through them quickly.

Use drawers/ storage containers for shirts and casual clothes

storage box

For casual clothing such as t-shirts and athleisure wear, folding them for storage is ideal. To easily manage a lot of these items, it's useful to break them into categories such as shirts versus shorts. Put the folded pieces in drawers or other containers for easy accessibility and optimal organization.

Add extra hanging rods

mens clothing

Maximizing vertical space in men's closets is easily achievable through the use of double rods. Install the first rod at the top of your closet system and space out your longest items on it. Then, install a second rod halfway down to permit twice as much space for all other items. By utilizing this technique, you can effectively gain more storage without having to optimize any further.

  • Hang men’s dress shirts on the top rods

Organize your dress shirts and place them on the top rod. For ease of selection, you may want to sort by color. To maximize space and neatness, use the same type of hanger for all garments.

  • Hang men’s pants on the bottom rods

For the best results, hang your pants on the bottom rod and fold them lengthwise before placing them over the hanger. This will help keep your pants wrinkle-free while also giving you an easy way to view which bottoms may go with the tops above.

Keep your shoes organized

A practical approach to storing shoes in a closet is based on the size of your collection. Shoes such as dress shoes, tennis shoes, and boots can be stored conveniently on lower shelves along the floor, or on a pull out shoe rack. This will keep them organized and out of sight.

Add specialized storage for small accessories

If you're looking for quick and easy ways to keep your accessories organized, create a designated place in your closet. A shelf or shallow drawer can be used as a home for watches, sunglasses, cuff-links, and wallets. Additionally, tie hangers and rollout drawers offer neat storage solutions for ties – if you decide to hang them up, consider sorting by solid versus pattern or organizing them by color.


It's crucial to declutter your wardrobe for the upcoming season to ensure you have the clothes you adore and require. Dedicate some time to sorting through your closet and removing items that no longer serve you. This will allow you to free up space for the new season and establish a functional and fashionable area.

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