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How to add color to your wardrobe

Bored of repeating outfits? Want to brighten up your closet? This guide is for you! Discover ways to infuse color into your wardrobe that are fashionable, enjoyable, and suitable for your way of life.

Pair colors

Before investing in colorful clothing items, it's important to understand how color theory works. A great way to do this is using the color wheel – when you find a hue that you like, take a look at which colors surround it. For example, adjacent shades of light blue can be teal and blue-violet. Complementary colors – those positioned opposite each other on the wheel – can also be used to give balance to your ideal palette.

Try accent pieces

If adding color to your closet feels intimidating, start small by incorporating accent pieces that you can mix and match. As a general rule, limit yourself to one accent color per outfit for best results. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Handbags - Adding a splash of color to your wardrobe can be as simple as investing in a statement bag, mix it up by grabbing a colorful red, green, or yellow bag..
  • Hat - A stylish hat is a great accessory to virtually any outfit. Not only are they chic and fashionable, but hats can also add an extra touch of vibrancy and personality to your look.
  • Scarves - Scarves are a great way to add some variation to your outfit. Whether you're looking for stripes, patterns, or solid colors, scarves come in a huge range of styles and options.
  • Shoes - If you want to start experimenting with bold colors, shoes are a great place to start. Bright sandals can give a white dress the perfect pop of color, or you can go for something more casual, like sneakers paired with jeans.

Embrace patterns

Using patterned pieces is an excellent way to introduce color into your wardrobe if you're not sure where to begin. To pull off wearing multiple patterns, choose designs with varying sizes - and remember that busy patterns typically have dominant designs with minimal solid colors between repetitions, while subtle patterns are just the opposite.


If you're looking to add a bit of vibrancy to your wardrobe, consider experimenting with a full-on monochromatic look. Try out an eye-catching jumpsuit or pair garments in an analogous color. Why not accessorize further with matching shoes?

Keep it classic

Staying true to yourself while still making a statement can be achieved by opting for classic silhouettes in eye-catching colors. A trench coat, a basic tee and heeled pumps are timeless pieces that can help your outfit look sophisticated without appearing too loud.


Creating a colorful wardrobe doesn't need to be complicated. By following these simple steps, you'll have vibrant shades gracing your closet and you will be able to build a unique and stylish ensemble.

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